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Aegyo Sal – What is it and How to achieve the look?


Everyone wants to look beautiful, attractive, and handsome to make a good impression. When it comes to beauty and attractiveness, the word “Aegyo Sal” seems to universally rank top of mind.

It is a popular trend in Korean beauty and is very famous among Korean celebrities and pop idols. Almost every Korean wishes to have them, but most westerners are unaware of it or why Korean wish to have them.

In this article, we will help you in learning Korean aegyo and the options to achieve this effect. Get a beautiful and attractive Taut Skin.

What is Aegyo Sal?

The term Aegyo sal represents the pocket of a fat ball founds directly under the eyes. In Korean, it means “cheery fat” or “charming fat”. Because according to Koreans, they think that if you have a little fat pocket under your eyes, you look younger and cheerful.

Having this cheery fat appear all the time gives you an innocent look and a face of more kind.

It is a surgical procedure of injecting fillers and fat deposits directly under the eye area for an attractive look. In most cases, it is used in an attractive way to make the eye appear bigger or pop.

This trend originated in Korea but now it is getting popularity in Japan and elsewhere which gives a youthful appearance.

A smiling girl pointing his aegyo sal.

Aegyo Sal vs Eye Bags

There is one misconception between the Aegyo Sal and eye bags. Some people think that both are the same, but, this is not true for them. There is a difference between eye bags due to lack of sleep and Korean cheery fat. The eye bags make you seem tired or stressed and other is related to the act of smiling.

The eye bags are bigger and saggier darker, and they take up the area more below your eyes.

Instead, the charming fat is located by a water line directly under the eyes. It is puffier, smaller, and brighter than normal skin. They help you to look younger than your age and it appears cheery and bright look instead of tired or dull.

Don’t try to turn your eye bags to Korean beauty, as you cannot turn them and this will age your face. Instead of doing this, you should focus on drinking enough water, getting proper sleep, and skincare to get rid of eye bags.

How to achieve it with makeup?

The least invasive and quickest way to achieve this cheery fat effect is makeup. To start with, you have to smile really big by looking in the mirror. By doing this, you will see where this beauty effect appears naturally on your face.

After recognizing the place, you need to outline a slight shadow right under where your skin puffs out. You can simply highlight the top of the aegyo sal so that it looks nice and puffy.

In the final, you need to make blend everything out so it looks natural and not harsh. Easy steps:

  • Smile in the mirror and reveal the lash line under the eye.
  • Outline this area with eye shadow (light brown).
  • Use pearl-colored illuminating powder or shadow to fill in the area.
  • Sharp your eye with eyeliner or dark eye shadow.
  • Use a light concealer to remove any cosmetics, if needed.

Moreover, many Korean beauty brands sell their products to achieve this cheery effect. You can achieve it quickly and easily by using cosmetic products. You can get the same beauty effect by using the cosmetic product, something called Aegyo Sal tape.

What Is Aegyo Sal Tape?

This is an invisible adhesive that you can temporarily apply to the lower eyelid area. This quick and easy solution gives the same beauty effect that the surgical procedure would. You can easily apply it and easily remove it, there is no need for injections too.

You can use this easy solution of getting a Korean beauty effect for different functions and parties. If you are looking for this tape, you should buy it from a shop that sells Korean goods. You should avoid buying low-quality products because they can cause infections.

Besides its easy, quick, and effective results it is temporary. If you are looking for a permanent solution, you need to undergo surgery.

Aegyo Sal Surgery

If you are wishing to get a permanent solution, there are various surgery for aegyo sal. The most popular permanent ways of achieving it are fat grafts and fillers. For the fillers, the skin care professional simply fills out the area beneath the eye. And in fat grafts, the fats are transferred from different body parts to a specific under-eye area.

The results of both surgeries are effective, natural, and permanent for a younger and brighter look.

Moreover, Korean doctors are unmatched in their surgical procedure skills. So they take time to make sure scarring is minimum to none and offer you the fine effects possible.


It is a very safe and common beauty procedure whether you choose surgery, tape, or cosmetic. To get this trending effect, consult a dermatologist before starting. You should start it with less permanent ways such as tape, to make sure you like the look before surgery.

Your dermatologist will check your skin and then suggest you the treatment. If you have sensitive skin, you should not get permanent surgery treatment.

If you have more questions regarding this topic, you may contact us without any hesitation. Our team is always present for your help and guidance. With a lot of approaches to attempt this fun, attractive, and beauty trend. Experience experimenting with the younger look results of Aegyo Sal!

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ’s

There are several frequently asked questions by people regarding this term. If you are interested in achieving this charming effect, these questions are very important for you. Let’s start the session on FAQs:

How do I know if I have Aegyo Sal?

This is a very good question, but don’t let yourself to mistaken with eyebags that occur due to lack of sleep. It is a charming effect, located right just below your lower eyelids while eye bags are dark or saggy which extends to 2 inches down the eyes.

How to get Aegyo Sal?

Everyone wishes to get this beautiful cheery fat to make a good impression. For this purpose, you can get this effect from surgery, makeup, and some products like aegyo sal tape.