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Autumn Skin Care – Essential Fall Skincare Tips

Autumn skin care

The autumn wind is refreshing, but it is easy to take away the moisture of the skin, tender facial skin, and lips. It results in dryness, itching, peeling, and other phenomena. Therefore, daily attention and autumn skin care must be paid more attention to. So that the delicate skin can smoothly pass through the autumn wind season. Get a beautiful taut skin!

Facial skin

When the body is healthy, the skin is easy to maintain balance and shows a natural look. However, factors such as lifestyle and changes in climatic conditions can cause dry skin. Maintaining the skin’s natural moisture and oil components is the first principle for fall season skin care.

You may wish to refer to the following methods:

  • Warm water should be used to wash your face, the water temperature should not be too high. You should not wash your face more than twice a day to reduce the volatilization of water.
  • Choose mild cleansing products, such as facial soaps that are too alkaline and can damage the skin’s moisturizing layer.
  • Massage your facial skin regularly to promote blood circulation and natural sebum secretion.
  • Use a moisturizing mask, such as a paint-based soft mask with natural botanicals. Use this mask once or twice a week instead of a peel-off mask.
  • Skin care products should ideally have a moisturizing function. It is best to give the skin adequate moisture before applying body lotion.
  • When working in an air-conditioned environment, in addition to eating more fresh fruits and adding enough water. It is best to keep facial mineral water and spray it on the face to add moisture immediately.
  • Maintain good living habits, including adequate rest, less smoking, drinking, and drinking coffee. You have a regular life to avoid excessive stress and mental burden. Here is the skin care professional.
Young man having autumn skin care treatment.

Body and limbs

Moisturize the skin frequently, especially when the skin is still moist after taking a shower. Paint skin care products can lock the skin moisture and keep the skin moist.

Avoid soaps or highly alkaline foam bath products, as they can irritate dry and sensitive skin.

Gently rub the body with a loofah scoop once or twice a week. It will remove the dead skin cells on the body surface and keep the skin delicate and tender.

Gloves should be worn when doing housework. It will avoid direct contact of the chemical components of the cleaning agent with the skin, resulting in allergic reactions.

Lip Skin

The skin on the lips is not the same as the skin on the body and requires more careful care. It contains glands, and the cuticle is thin, so the water evaporates very quickly. It can easily lead to dry lips, exfoliation, and even inflammation from an infected wound.

Besides, strong winds, sun exposure, and even staying in an indoor air-conditioned environment for a long time will also accelerate the evaporation of water. To protect sensitive lips, pay attention to the following three points:

Because the skin of the lips lacks pigment, it is not enough to protect the skin from the sun. So use a lip balm, such as a product containing cocoa butter or Aloe Vera, to protect the delicate skin from damage.

Do not lick your lips with your tongue, this will only increase the evaporation of moisture on the lips, making the dryness even worse. If the lips are dry and peeling, you can apply some oil to moisturize. Remember not to pull off the dry skin with force, otherwise, it may cause wounds and bleeding.

Avoid staying in an environment that is too dry for a long time. Drink plenty of water, and juices and eat fresh fruits every day. It will help maintain the natural moisture of the lip skin.

Winter and autumn skin care tips


Throughout the year, women use a variety of skin care products to protect their skin. In the severe winter, skin care is an important project.

For autumn skin care, in addition to high-quality skin care products. We must pay attention to various matters so that the skin can resist the blowing of cold winds. Cleaning is the first step in skin care.

Bathing Instructions

1. The water temperature in the bath should not be too high. Because the skin loses a lot of moisture in a short time, which will make the skin dry and itchy.

2. After bathing, before wiping your body dry, apply an emollient oil to lock in moisture and prevent moisture loss.

3. After bathing, drink two glasses of boiling water to replenish the body’s moisture. While applying body lotion to provide moisture and protection to the skin.

Cleansing for autumn skin care

1. For those with oily and neutral skin, you can keep washing your face with a facial cleanser in the morning and evening. For those with dry skin, reduce it to once, and use water for the rest. You should pay attention to the water temperature when washing your face.

It is best to be slightly warm. Too hot water will evaporate a lot of water from the skin and make the skin drier.

2. Use mild cleansing products with moisturizing ingredients, such as cleansers and facial cleansers. So that the skin does not become dry after washing.

3. After washing your face, use an alcohol-free toner to hydrate your skin while removing dead skin and makeup residue from your face. Toners that contain alcohol will speed up the evaporation of moisture from the skin.

4. When choosing skin care products, pay attention to their moisturizing degrees. Choose products containing oily ingredients to prevent skin moisture loss.