What is AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics)?

Advanced Allergy Therapeutics or AAT treatment is a clinically confirmed remedy. This is quite effective in treating the many symptoms associated with allergies and numerous signs related to allergic reactions and allergies.

It is a healing technique that developed from over two decades of collaborative studies from health care experts. They do great research in the fields of acupuncture and chiropractic. The researcher did great efforts to offer an effective alternative treatment. This is a perfection-based therapy that treats the organ systems involved in an exaggeration.

This treatment method (AAT) does not treat the immune system. Instead, this remedy is specialized in unsuitable reactions to inoffensive or harmless substances. AAT produces quick, long-time period effects for the relief of related allergy signs and symptoms.

A lot of people do not have true allergies and seek AAT treatment. A true allergy affects numerous organs in the body and causes immune system reactions. This treatment method does not believe in herbal remedies or supplements.

AAT merges 21st-century science and technology with 3,000-year-antique traditional acupuncture principles. As well as the current chiropractic standards to provide a powerful opportunity to remedy signs related to allergies and sensitivities.

closeup of the arm of a young man who is having a skin allergy test at Advanced Allergy Therapeutics clinic.

For example, one affected person may also have a response to soybean by getting rashes. While some other affected persons might also additionally react with sinus congestion, heartburn, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. In each of these cases, a different organ system represents different symptoms.

Treatment Method

The AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) approach does not use thin needles. However, rather utilizes a precision-based pressure method. Pressure helps to deal with the specific organ systems. . This particular method of addressing the sympathetic/protective nervous system is quite beneficial.

It is effective in changing the condition of the major organ systems to an accurate fight and treatment of symptoms.

Treatment techniques in Chinese Traditional Medicine permit the stimulation of particular points on the body. These points directly approach every organ system and improve the condition of that system. The points used in the AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) remedy are applied in a completely unique and modern manner. They permit for the achievement of the AAT (Advanced Allergy Therapeutics) remedy.

Little pressure is used on factors that correspond with the organ systems involved in a reaction during this treatment. The degree of the terrible reaction is proportional to the degree of pressure on the organ systems. It can be due to an allergen or an offending agent. While the trigger is applied, the offending substance is brought to the surface of the skin.

The stimulation lessens the pressure on the affected organ system, which allows it for a more suitable response. Life-threatening symptoms cases are not treated by AAT. Strict avoidance is usually recommended in those instances.

Cost for Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

 Approximately 45-60 minutes takes for the Initial Session and it includes a diagnosis and one treatment. Two AAT treatments can be completed in one day but there must be a gap of 2 hours between sessions. Almost $160 including tax is the cost for the initial session which includes a diagnosis and one treatment.

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