Dental Care

Buck Teeth – Causes, Health Risks Treatment, and More

Buck Teeth

Being called a ‘buck toothed’ is but an embarrassing experience that a lot of people have grown up with. Buck teeth are protrusive placed teeth, either the upper teeth, lower teeth, or both, and this is considered a dental problem.

This condition makes it impossible to close the lips completely thus making the teeth noticeable. A lot of problems may also result from this condition if no treatment is done. Having that beautiful smile but fixing buck teeth is what this discussion is all about. Are you worried about your ugly teeth?


It is a hereditary problem as sometimes perceived by some people. They can also be the result of thumb sucking and tongue thrusting during early childhood. Braces can be beneficial not only to children in their teens but also to adults with this condition. The common causes are:

  • Thumb sucking
  • Tongue thrusting
  • The pacifier
  • Genetics Problem
  • Tumors and cysts of the mouth
  • Missing teeth and extra teeth

Do not let people your mockery and don’t let your teeth obstruct you from laughing, smiling, and feeling confident. Don’t endure buck teeth for another period of time, remember there is an answer to any dental problem. To fix this problem there are several ways available that we will discuss below.

Health Risks

Having an upper jaw, or a few upper teeth, that protrudes ahead of the lower jaw line is a sign of having buck teeth or an overbite. Aside from the fact that it can be awkward and unpleasant to see.

Trauma (due to the exposure of the teeth), habits like lip biting and mouth breathing might be developed. Eating and chewing might hinder are just some of the problems that this condition can cause. Speech disorder and chewing inability can be the result of a severe condition of buck teeth or overbite.

Aside from the obvious that it can negatively affect one self-esteem. It is important to correct this condition before it gets worst or more severe. Because we already know that this may result in beauty and functional inability.

It is now the best time to incur change if you are already tired of being compared to a rabbit or a mouse. Options for the treatment of buck teeth are now available for people who suffer from this dental condition.

Since having this condition can be discomforting and unpleasant. Orthodontic braces are the most popular and effective dental remedy to correct buck teeth. But there is also another dental treatment available.

A picture of a boy has buck teeth.

Buck Teeth Treatment

Orthodontic treatment is a known and used treatment for correcting these dental problems. This treatment would mean that the person’s buck teeth will be treated with the use of braces and retainers. These braces will be placed on the teeth and connected by wires.

When the dentist will tight the wire the force will cause the tooth to move and follow the dental arch as directed.

The aesthetic involvement in this treatment hinders some patients from choosing this treatment. This is why other options are also in a store like the use of brackets that easily blends with the teeth.

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign buck teeth correction is the second option available for patients. Clear plastic removable aligners are being used as Invisalign braces to straighten out teeth.

Before these braces are changed to a tighter set of aligners they are to be worn at a fixed time frame which usually ranges from two to three weeks.

When eating and brushing your teeth, you may remove these aligners which is the advantage of metallic braces. To ensure the success of the Invisalign treatment, you should wear the aligners for a longer period of time. You should use teeth whitening treatment for your ugly and dirty teeth.

For those adults, engaged in jobs that entail communication and constant conversation with others. For example, receptionists, hostesses, and broadcast media practitioners. Using metallic braces, as well as Invisalign braces, would be a disturbance to them. They can avail of the Lingual braces.

These are made of metallic braces yet they are placed on the inner surfaces of the teeth, they are hidden from the public. You should maintain excellent dental hygiene when using lingual braces. Lack of dental hygiene may lead to multiple cavities if not given importance.

Can Invisalign Fix Buck Teeth?

There are two types of buck teeth or overbite, the vertical and the horizontal which is also called overjet. If the top teeth overlap with the bottom teeth that is a horizontal overbite, and if the top teeth are protruded that is a vertical overbite. Most of the cases can be treated even if this condition is caused by the genes, or by recurrent tongue–thrusting and thumb–sucking.

Invisalign and Your Overbite

Although Invisalign braces are made of polymer aligners that are almost invisible to the eye. It still brings correctional potential just the same as the conventional braces. The Invisalign braces system is only limited to its capability to correct acute dental problems. Besides its benefits, some people may show an allergic reaction to Invisalign.

Thus using the Invisalign braces can only be beneficial in correcting mild overbite. Looking into other treatments to choose from should be considered. Especially if the orthodontist assesses that your buck teeth are already the worst.

Surgical Options

Protruding Maxilla is the condition where the upper jaw is really sticking out of the oral cavity. This means that not all buck teeth are caused by the teeth but by the gums.

In this condition, the use of braces will not be beneficial since the teeth will always seem to protrude because the gums are pushed out. Having this problem the only solution left is to engage in a surgical process in order to correct it.

A buck teeth appearance may also be projected even if the lower jaw is placed backward. Because it gives a site where it seems that the upper teeth are protruding. Simple orthognathic surgeries are the best treatment choice for these two conditions.

  • Correction of overbite
  • Surgery of an overbite

A perfect set of teeth can be yours by practicing very good dental hygiene and having enough dental treatment to use.

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