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Ugly teeth: Causes, Treatment, Pictures, and More

Ugly Teeth

It is well said that a beautiful smile can be the best ornament that you can wear. But if you suffer from ugly teeth then this smile can become your worst enemy. Ugly teeth and teeth problems affect the maximum number of people these days. The only impeccable oral hygiene can give you relief from teeth problems.

Ugly teeth can ruin the best of the personalities as white teeth are a mark of a younger person. Apart from yellow stained teeth, you can suffer from crooked teeth, rotten teeth, or other bad teeth. Before you think of finding a resolution to these problems, finding the causes of ugly teeth would make sense.


Ugly teeth and teeth problems can impact your personality and facial appearance in a drastic way. That is why you need to ensure that you never suffer from these teeth problems. The main cause of ugly teeth is bad oral hygiene, which prevents a thorough cleaning of your teeth and leads to germs and initial teeth problems. Some common causes are:

  • Fast food
  • Plaque
  • Aerated drinks
  • Excess eating of sugar
  • Caffeinated products
  • An increase in smoking

Due to bad oral hygiene, you would suffer from plaque. Plaque is the harbinger of many oral problems, and it is a result of a high intake of sugars and carbohydrates.

The formation of plaque on your teeth can lead to tooth decay and various gum problems. These problems would make you a regular visitor to dental clinics.

Ugly teeth picture - A man with a toothbrush and ugly teeth

How to Get Rid of Ugly Teeth

If you wish to get rid of it, then there are some simple steps that you need to follow. The most basic step is brushing your teeth twice a day with the right toothpaste. Carrying out regular flossing and visiting dental clinics every 6 months can work wonders for your oral hygiene.

These precautions can take care of most of the initial teeth problems. However, if you already suffer from ugly teeth then you should go in for dental treatment. Getting some teeth whitening treatment would improve your overall personality, which was once at the mercy of your dirty teeth.

Ugly teeth Treatment

The dentist jobs required for the treatment of teeth problems leave a huge hole in your pocket. Avoiding problems is the best possible way of fighting these oral problems. Apart from oral hygiene, dental problems can be a hereditary gift for you. There is usually no escaping the onset of these situations.

Even though there are various ugly teeth remedies and treatments which can help you out in resolving oral matters with ease. You need to know what the common problems are which can affect your oral health. The basic cause of ugly teeth is plaque, an invisible deposit that sticks to your teeth. It is considered a breeding ground for bacteria and germs which can lead to further teeth problems.

Tooth decay is the next step that can happen when plaque stays on teeth for too long. Slowly, the teeth problems can get aggravated and you might suffer from gingivitis. You should look for remedies and treatment as soon as you are faced with the basic symptoms of a bad oral condition.

Simple Remedies for Ugliest Teeth

Even though some pictures of ugly teeth can be pretty scary. You can avoid such a bad condition if you take precautions from the very first day of the onset of any oral problem. Before going into any remedy for ugly teeth, you need to ensure that you maintain your oral hygiene.

Brushing twice daily, flossing your teeth and gums after meals, and using mouthwash twice daily would help you in keeping any teeth problems in check. If you wish to try out some simple remedies for natural teeth whitening, then you need to look no further than hydrogen peroxide.

Toothpaste made out of hydrogen peroxide, water, and baking soda can help in whitening teeth at home. Some teeth whitening kits are also available and they are the next best thing after dental surgery for whitening. Bleaching your teeth can also be a good option for getting rid of your teeth problem.

Dental Treatment

Various dental treatment options are available for taking care of ugly teeth. Dental clinics provide you with various options for handling all sorts of crooked yellow teeth and bad teeth.

Cosmetic dentistry has become quite common now and whitening of teeth by dental clinics is another treatment. Sometimes, tooth extraction is the only option left. But tooth extraction costs can be really high due to the complete procedure involved in the process. However, the most natural ugly teeth treatments are the best ones, and they prove to be better than professional dental jobs any day.