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Raw Almond Allergy – What are the symptoms?

What is Raw Almond Allergy?

Almonds are a tree nut, part of a vast amount of nuts that cause some people allergic reactions. These can range from mild itching in the mouth, to full-on death, and it’s important to know what your reaction will be. If you are facing raw almond allergy for example, if your mouth gets itchy, you probably don’t need to call 911 when you ingest an almond.

If you break out into hives, you need medical attention, but unless the hives are rapidly descending into your throat (Which will swell, causing you to suffocate to death) you don’t need an ambulance, just a ride to the doctor. It’s time to call 911 if your hives are in your throat.

How Do I Even Know I’m Allergic?

Raw Almond allergy is also a food allergy. Peanut allergies, almond raw allergies, and other types of tree nut allergies are common food allergies.

A lot of people are unsure of what, if any, allergies they possess, which may lead some to believe they don’t have any. While this is possible, it’s also potentially dangerous to walk around without knowing if you have an allergy.

Knowing that almonds cause you to break out into hives will, generally, be the key piece of information that saves you; You’ll know something’s wrong, what’s wrong, and what caused it, all things doctors like to know, too.

Peanuts, walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts and cashews forming a nuts background


Almonds, tree nuts, and peanuts are great sources of nutrients, but they can also cause allergic reactions in some people.

The severity of allergic reaction ranges from mild oral allergy syndrome (Itching in the mouth, lips, and tongue soon after eating the food) to severe reactions (hives, swelling of the throat, shortness of breath).

The most severe allergic reaction is called an Anaphylactic or life-threatening reaction.

Diagnosis of Raw Almond Allergy

Instead of buying up a sample of everything that could make you swell up and die, you need to head over to an Allergist. Allergists are doctors who will test you for allergies, which ones you have if any at all.

If you even suspect you have allergies, such as raw almond allergy, pollen allergies, birch pollen allergy, pistachio allergy, or even soaps, heading to the allergist will save you loads of misery. Don’t convince yourself of an allergy you don’t have, depriving yourself of something you may enjoy, while unknowingly still putting yourself at risk.

The allergist will pull out a Styrofoam board with what looks like fifty or more thumbtacks on it. These tacks—which have needles that do not penetrate deep enough to draw blood—each have a small amount of a common allergen on them.

The doctor will generally have you remove your shirt, and use each tack to make a small poke on your back. They will then label it, and wait. If you have an allergy, the site will turn red and possibly itch. He will also perform blood tests.

The real benefit of an allergist, though, is the allergy shots they can mix and give you. Allergy shots are injections of a serum made just for you, designed to rid you of your allergy permanently. The trade-off is, you generally must get weekly injections, up to three a week, for three years.

Sadly, the personal experience, and experience of others, seem to indicate the shots last about ten years. Afterward, some have the allergies returned, but the years of relief offered are blissful.

Why am I allergic?

Your body is treating almonds as an invader, that’s why. When you ingest them, your body sees it the same as dust or dirt getting in, and does what it can to get it out. This manifests itself in many ways; Coughing, sneezing, even vomiting.

Interestingly, though, almonds, raw almonds, are someone everyone on earth is allergic to, and therefore, are actually illegal in the United States! Raw Almonds contain cyanide, a poison known to kill swiftly, and must be cooked to rid the nut of the chemical. This explains the tell-tale scent, mentioned so often in literature, of bitter almonds.

Nut Allergies, Raw almond allergies.

The Cure for the Almond Allergy

There is much to be desired with the term ‘cure’, for allergies. Allergy shots are an option, but not only may they not last, but they also are expensive; It’s unlikely you can afford it without a good health insurance plan.

Additionally, you also will have to travel to and from your doctor’s office, several times a week, generally between 6 AM and 8 AM, or you miss your shot. This does not aid many, who cannot wake up that early, are already at work when they are, or who have school, etc.

Truly, your best bet is avoidance. If you don’t eat almonds, you won’t have an allergic reaction. With a nut allergy, you have to be more careful than most, particularly when it comes to candies and deserts (And even some beauty products, and soaps, use almond oil, which could present problems to some individuals.)

Make sure to educate yourself on the appearance of an almond, and to ask your doctor if the oils are a problem for you.

Managements for almond allergy

Furthermore, persons with tree nut allergies tend like those with shellfish allergies, to be allergic to not some, but all tree nuts. Too often people who’re allergic to one type of shellfish, say crab don’t realize this and leave restaurants–and expensive lobster dinners—behind in an ambulance.

Additionally, make sure other members of your household know of your allergy. This can, once again, really save you, especially if you have a roommate who loves almonds. It’s good to be aware that allergens are in your home, and where they are, so you can avoid them. Read food labels before eating food.

If you live with someone with a raw almond allergy, life will not be different for you, unless you need to call 911. Make sure anything that might contain an allergen isn’t where the person with the allegory might run into it.

For example, if you make brownies and decide to put crushed almonds in them (to cope with your almond diet?), tell your allergic roommate, or keep them hidden so they won’t be thoughtlessly consumed. This is also a handy tactic for keeping food-stealing roommates from taking your food—just make sure they know they’re allergic to it.

Almonds are not the end of the world

In fact, as far as nuts go, more people are allergic to almonds than anything else. While nuts are an important part of the diet. You can still get protein from other sources, even if you’re a vegetarian or vegan. The important thing to remember is that you have an allergy in the first place, and to keep this information in an important place, like a wallet, in case of an emergency.

If you have a severe allergy, a doctor may even give you a special emergency kit, if you’re at risk of death from exposure. Make sure to visit a doctor, stay aware, and stay vigilant, and you should stay out of the hospital.     

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