LDA Allergy Treatment

Low Dose Allergen immunotherapy is known as LDA. LDA allergy treatment is extremely low-dose allergy immunotherapy. This type of treatment consists of the administration of ultra-low doses of environmental and food allergens.

LDA therapy is a safe and effective low-dose allergy treatment used to treat food allergies and environmental. It also deals with autoimmune diseases. For adults basically, there are Injections.


This treatment is based on the clinical observations of a British scientist (Dr. Leonard Mc Ewen). He realized that the combination of an enzyme is naturally present in the body. Enzyme Beta Glucuronidase with ultra-low doses of allergens made it possible to control multiple allergy symptoms and signs.

The key element of this enzyme is that it attracts particular white blood cells (regulator cells). These are involved in the immune response and make them pay attention to the allergens included in the enzyme.

In other words, LDA works to block the unwanted or allergenic response and has a positive effect on the immune system. That’s why it works fine for most autoimmune conditions where the body is attacking itself.

In the early 1970s, Dr. Shrader introduces this treatment to the US. This effective treatment comes into our use in 2009.

How Does LDA treatment differ From Ordinary Allergy Treatments?

Common allergy medications work on stopping the histamine response. These medications help only when taken (and require patients to take medication forever). Allergy drops and allergy shots work with the immune system to gently build a tolerance to specific allergens.

Not only does LDA treat over 300 foods or breathing allergies in a single treatment. LDA also works to reset the immune system’s response rather than just working to grow tolerance.

LDA requires much less treatment. The LDA treatment is administrated once every two months. It is less expensive than other conventional allergy treatments.

LDA Treatment. Medical treatment vaccine and syringe for injections.

How is LDA administrated?

Low Dose Allergen immunotherapy (LDA) is administrated by injections and is given in forearms. There are separate injections for foodenvironmental allergiesseasonal allergies, and one for chemicals. It is administrated once every two months as compared to weekly allergy shots or daily allergy drops.

The effect of LDA injections is usually obvious soon after administration. Over time, usually after 1 to 2 years of injections once every two months, the effect lasts longer. Therefore, the gap between injections lengthens.

For very young kids with a fear of injections, the LDA mixes can mix into one single shot. The mixes can even implement as sublingual drops. While those 2 changes are also effective. When the doctor gives the separate injections the remedy results are best.

In our experience, we use these options handiest rarely, and usually, after some administrations, the affected person will become extra cooperative. Often, we’re capable of maintaining the remedy with separate shots.

This remedy is primarily based totally on clinical observations. It does not comply with present-day standards for medical evidence. The remedy is, therefore, FDA is now no longer accepting this treatment. As a consequence, any coverage providers inside the US isn’t cover it.

Is LDA Treatment EFFECTIVE?   

Without a doubt, the answer is a powerful YES.

LDA is a highly effective low-dose immunotherapy however, more importantly, it is safe. It is an appropriate remedy for patients with allergies that are so excessive. They can increase asthma attacks, throat tightness, or different excessive reactivities during allergy testing or remedy. LDA has a specific gain that does not require testing.

It is also quite effective for patients with eczema and different pores and skin situations with an allergic component.

LDA Symptoms 

In most cases, some side effects occur. Patients will face localized swelling and, perhaps, some redness and itching on the LDA site. Some people show ear infections in reaction to LDA. There has never been a systemic reaction or life-threatening reaction to it.

LDA works to remove adverse reactions or symptoms. Rarely, there is a temporary swelling of the lower arm in response to the treatment.

For a few patients, there may be a temporary flare of signs and symptoms following their LDA treatment. This may be particularly after the primary one to a few treatments. The LDA treatment can treat hay fever and other allergies conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions / FAQs

Is LDA treatment safe?

LDA is an extremely safe and highly effective allergy therapy. It is a safe therapy for allergy patients that are so severe that they can develop throat tightness, asthma attacks, or other severe reactions during treatment or allergy testing.

What is LDA Treatment?

LDA therapy or treatment is extremely low-dose allergy immunotherapy. It is a safe and effective low-dose allergy treatment used to treat severe food allergies and environmental allergies. This therapy also deals with auto-immune diseases which is ideal.

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