King Palm Tree – What do you need to know?

King Palm Tree

King Palm is a palm tree whose scientific name is Archonotophoenix Cunninghamiana. It is one of the most popular palm trees across the world. The king palm tree is found in Australia. It produces flowers in the summer and then produces flower fruits that look like berries in summer.

This article aims to deliver a complete plant description of the king palm. If you want to learn about it, this is for you, keep reading.

King palms are kept in containers to protect them from the cold. Many people think that it looks better than other King’s palms. As it belongs to the forest of Australia, the other common names for king palm include:

  • Archontophoenix Alexandrae
  • Alexandra Palm
  • Alexander Palm


The King Palms tree grows in warm climates and can be easily grown in areas with high water and moisture content, but it grows very fast. Its growth rate is 3 feet or (1 meter) every year.

Its total height is 50 to 80 feet. In the upper part of this tree, the spread of King Palms is usually 10 to 15 feet. The trunk of this tree is 12 to 18 inches in diameter. It can be grown as a domestic or house plant all year.

It has berry-shaped fruits on it. When the fruit ripens well, it will turn red. When these trees grow, they are kept in containers to protect them from the weather and temperature. They require temperatures of 28 degrees to grow, if the temperature falls under 25 degrees, a young king palm can die.

Small King palms are prone to spider mites and leaf spots, so they may need to be protected from these problems. The king palm tree usually grows in the full sun. These trees can be bought from the internet or from the store for home improvement.

This palm generally performs well in the spring. In the middle of spring and winter, the palm fertilizer is placed one pea away from the stem.

Alexandra trees (King Palm Tree) against blue sky with copy space


Plants are important to both human life and the environment. Every gardener should seek their information before planting so that their characteristics can be understood. Plants are very useful for humans and are the main source of food for animals.

King palm is a special kind of plant. The appearance of the plant is as follows Height: 152 cm Width: 300 cm Leaf color: Lime green and Gray-green.

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The importance of the plant depends on the facts of the plant. The choice of the garden plant should be based on the characteristics of the plant whether it is flowering or non-flowering.

King Palm has many characteristics. Knowing the characteristics of any plant helps to identify the whole plant. The characteristics of the plant make them more attractive. Knowing the characteristics of all plants can make a successful gardener.

Medicinal Use of King Palm Tree

In the past, when allopathy was not part of medical science, all kinds of health problems were solved with plants. The plants that are used in medicine are included in the list of herbs.

Many doctors are using herbs for health problems. There are many health benefits of ornamental plants, but we are unaware of them. King’s palm is used in many kinds of medicine. These include antibacterial, antifungal, bone diseases, fatigue, high cholesterol, malaria, vitamin A and weight loss.


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