Hypoallergenic diet – Everything you need to know?

A hypoallergenic diet consists of low allergenicity foods or free of allergic foods. Often mothers complain about allergic reactions in a child. Everything that a nursing mother eats is sure to come with milk to the baby, and food allergens are no exception. So, in choosing taste preferences, you need to be more careful not to provoke allergic reactions in a child.

The baby’s body is not yet strong, and an active and provocative substance can cause a negative reaction. The mother of the baby should remember that she really wants to try something prohibited. If still, signs of an allergy appear, you should not stop breastfeeding in any case. You just need to pay attention to the specific foods that were eaten the day before and try not to eat them anymore.

Hypoallergenic diet for mom

Mother’s milk is a source of useful and nutritious substances that are so necessary for the development of the child. Young mothers, who are responsible for the process of nutrition during lactation, prefer not to abuse certain foods.

They follow the so-called hypoallergenic diet for breastfeeding mothers. It is believed that it must be observed in the first three months of life, while the child’s digestion is being formed. This is an erroneous opinion. 

Throughout the lactation period, certain dietary rules should be followed. Children develop individually – one may have an allergy, the other will not. Do not risk the health of a small family member. The diet should be strict, but at the same time selected individually.

Elimination Diet

Common allergens in foods include eggs, milk, fish, poultry, and animal meat. Sometimes allergies can occur when eating nuts and plant seeds. And less often, when eating vegetables and fruits.

In recent years, baby doctors have proved that allergies in children occurred not from the products themselves. Rather they occur from all kinds of chemical additives in them. Products containing gluten are not recommended during lactation for six months after the birth of the child. These are wheat nuts porridge, bananas, and potatoes.

Diet should not be included to eliminate allergies:

  • Sweets and flour products with the addition of cream filling
  • Tonic drinks, especially coffee. It is better to replace them with special teas for breastfeeding mothers.
  • Semi-finished products, especially meat
  • Carbonated drinks and fast food
  • Fatty and smoked dishes
  • Exotic fruits
  • Brown rice syrup
  • Sausages
  • Black bread
  • Sauerkraut
  • Dairy product – Yogurts
  • Honey (from six months)
  • Nuts (from six months)
  • Onion and garlic
  • Cow’s milk
  • Chicken eggs
Hypoallergenic diet

Hereditary predisposition

Heredity surely affects the appearance of allergies in children. If a breastfeeding woman is allergic herself or has a history of allergies in the family. There is a good chance that the child will inherit the same. In 35% of cases, a child in the family will be allergic.

In this case, a young mother needs to keep in mind that proper nutrition is a necessary process in the family.

Hypoallergenic diet during pregnancy

If during pregnancy a woman ate allergic foods, then she can provoke an allergic reaction in the child after birth. An allergy background occurs when eating exotic fruits, chocolate, nuts, honey, and drinks.

Regularity in food, the lack of a diet, and a culture of eating products will to some extent affect the future health of the child. Such a bad habit as smoking increases the chance of a predisposition to allergies.

Eating disorders

If you feed the child out of order or break the diet. The intestinal system will be vulnerable to new foods and not ready to digest them. A breastfeeding mother should be careful and immediately consult a doctor if the first symptoms appear.

Allergic reactions are more severe in children, keeping their tendency for life.

Allergy Symptoms in Baby

Up to a year in children, allergies manifest themselves in the form of the following symptoms:

  • Diaper rash
  • Dry skin with the appearance of flaky crusts
  • Redness
  • Colic
  • Food dermatitis

The most dangerous symptoms of an allergy are swelling of the mouth and skin. This condition requires immediate medical attention! At a more mature age, children suffer from dyspeptic disorders of the intestine. Get a Taut Skin!

Frequent vomiting may also indicate a worsening in the system. There are reactions from the respiratory system in the form of allergic rhinitis.

At the first visible signs of a food allergy, be sure to eliminate the foods that could cause it from the diet. If there was a reaction to a certain product, young mothers believe that now the symptoms will always persist.

Indeed, in most cases, food allergies persist in humans throughout life. But don’t confuse it with food intolerance. It manifests itself in diseases of the digestive or nervous system.

Feeding for allergic reactions

If the child needs supplements and artificial formula, then it should be a hypoallergenic diet. It is better to choose dairy-free soy. Dairy-free porridge is suitable for cereal complementary foods. 

Try to eliminate cow’s milk from your diet to remove the effects of protein. In 80% of cases, allergies in infants occur due to it.

The sugar lactose contained in milk is not absorbed by the baby’s intestines. The main digestive function is disturbed. In the future, the child will begin to refuse products due to intolerance. It is recommended that a young mother keep a food diary in which she will record the foods she has eaten. 

Products must be natural, without artificial additives and preservatives. This will help the specialist understand what caused the allergy and give the right nutritional advice.

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