Gummy Bear Implants Pros and Cons: Facts, and More

Every woman wants her breasts to look perfect. However, it is not always possible for several reasons. If you have decided to have a breast augmentation, one of the latest innovations is gummy bear implants. But before undergoing treatment, you should know gummy bear implants pros and cons and some facts.


Highly cohesive gel implants or gummy bear implants were first created in 2011. They got FDA approval in 2012. Since then they gained huge popularity as the 5th generation of breast implants. Their creator company doesn’t approve of the term “gummy bear implants”. They insist that their creation is called a “highly cohesive silicone gel implant”.

This article aims to help people with the facts and pros and cons of gummy bear implants. If you want to know about it in detail, read our previous article “Gummy Bear Implants“.

Some facts about gummy bear breast implants

As with the pros and cons of gummy bear implant, it is worth important to know some facts about it. Here are some important facts you should know before getting gummy bear implants:

  • Highly cohesive silicone gel implants are the next generation of breast augmentation. They look and feel very natural. These implants are not just soft to the touch; they do a fantastic job maintaining the shape of a breast.
  • These are designed so the woman doesn’t feel anything foreign underneath her skin. Many women who have tried other implants reported that gummy bears are quite better.
  • While the gummy bear breast implants are rather young, they are already considered very safe. There are three current manufacturers which hold a special safety certificate. Each of the three has its products that are specifically approved by the FDA.
  • Gummy bear implants are not meant to last a lifetime. While being harder to damage, they will still need to be replaced at some point
  • Breast augmentation is cosmetic surgery. There are many risks that you need to consider before agreeing to surgery.
  • Women with gummy bear implants will need to go through an MRI once every two years to check for possible ruptures.
  • Ruptures of these implants don’t necessarily warrant a replacement. Since the gel stays inside the shell due to its highly cohesive nature.
  • Gummy bear implants can only be used by women over 22 years old. Younger women can undergo such breast augmentation only in a condition. If they need breast reconstruction after cancer removal surgery.
  • No long-term studies have been done on gummy bear implants. This means that not all safety issues have been checked. And there is no guarantee that these implants will be as safe in 5 or 10 years.
  • Regular activity can be resumed about one week after getting the implants in case there are no health complications.
Girl discussing pros and cons of gummy bear implants with the surgeon.

Gummy Bear Implants Pros and Cons

All gummy bear implant manufacturers claim that their product feels natural. However, it all depends on the personal preference and experience of the patient. This is the newest development in the breast augmentation industry.

Here are some pros and cons of gummy bear implants:

Gummy Bear Implants Pros:

There are many advantages to getting gummy bear implants. Some of them are the following:

  • These implants give the most natural feel from the inside and the outside.
  • The shape of the gummy bear implants is natural and doesn’t change over time.
  • There is no implant line or visible imperfection of the gel. There is no ripple effect that silicone and saline implants are prone to. The gel stays in place so there are no shifting or splashing sounds.
  • The highly cohesive silicone gel stays in place even if the implant shell ruptures. This prevents the health risks that silicone implants are famous for.
  • Less risk of capsular contracture which is usually caused by scar tissue tightening.
  • Gummy bear implants are FDA-approved.
  • There are many different shapes to choose from depending on the implant manufacturer.
  • You can choose the way your breast will feel to the touch by changing the amount of gel inserted into the shell.
  • Clinical studies proved that the implants are FDA-approved and safe for 10 years.
  • If the shell ruptures, you might not need to replace the implant since the gel will stay in its place.

Gummy Bear Implants Cons:

Before going for the surgical procedure, it is important to study all the cons and risks that can go with this procedure. Here are some of them:

  • Inserting gummy bear implants is a cosmetic plastic surgery that comes with general risks. These may include allergic reactions to anesthesia, infections, pains in the breast, breast scars, and nipple sensation.
  • Highly cohesive silicone gel holds its form and can’t be inserted through a small incision. This means large incisions will need to be made to insert it. This causes longer incision under the breast.
  • If the gummy breast implant has a teardrop shape instead of a round one. There is a risk of the implant rotating inside the breast and causing a disfigured appearance. This is a rare risk that is mostly caused by a surgeon’s mistake.
  • Gummy bear implants cost more than silicone or saline implants.
  • There are no long-term studies to learn the side effects these implants might cause.


If you are looking for breast augmentation, gummy bear implants are the best option. But before going for treatment, it is quite important for you to know gummy bear implants pros and cons.

This will help you to decide whether you need to undergo the procedure or not. Besides these pros and cons, it is strictly recommended to choose the best and most qualified surgeon.

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