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Teeth Whitening Treatment – How it Works? Types and Cost

Importance of teeth whitening

To sport perfect white teeth, everyone wishes. These days, in discolored or yellow teeth, lifestyle habits like drinking colored drinks and consuming certain foods may result. In recent times, teeth whitening treatment seems to be the norm for a lot of people who are crazy about their looks and really value them.

This sort of smile is like a master key – a key that can open many doors. This seems to be one of the major reasons why most professional musicians, sportsmen, and Hollywood stars spend huge sums of money on tooth bleaching products or teeth whitening treatments.

For most people, it’s all about an attractive smile. It’s like a hard-to-miss billboard sign that actually announces a very youthful, charming, and pleasant look or personality. Invisalign Allergy?

Selecting Teeth Whitening Treatment

From a wide range of tooth whitening treatment service providers, this is the reason. Everywhere people come up with advertisements for getting shiny white teeth.

You need to find out some time from your busy life and browse through numerous sites offering information. Find about teeth whitening service providers if you are not sure about where are the best teeth whitening treatments.

In making teeth white slowly, many service providers offer a bevy of tooth whitening products that help. To bring subtle changes in teeth whitening, over-the-counter products are also available like toothpaste and tooth gels. To get rid of yellowness, chewing gums are also known for offering a chance. In a few weeks or days, getting this treatment done will surely offer a white and bright smile.

It is necessary to research more about the available whitening options and their pros and cons so as to select the best option. Since many options for teeth whitening treatments are available these days.

See a dentist

To share your problems with him, visit a professional dentist. He will tell you about the best option that will suit your requirements after thoroughly examining you.

Dentists will ask a patient to undergo a battery of tests and x-rays to gauge the real problem. He will find out the most effective way of solving the same before chalking out a treatment plan. Before embarking on a treatment plan dental background is necessary.

These days, there are several ways of whitening treatments available and for making teeth white, three of them were the most common ways. These treatments are

  • Laser Whitening
  • Mold Bleaching
  • Teeth Whitening Strips

Laser Treatment

In a laser tooth whitening procedure, treatment is used on the teeth by the dentist and a laser is flashed on the teeth. For getting white teeth, this also offers a quick way. There are new procedures that usually involve the use of light to speed up the tooth whitening effects. However, light-activated methods of bleaching are still relatively new.

Further research and studies are still required before they can be accepted. But once these procedures have been demystified and perfected, they would revolutionize the whole process of tooth whitening and make their procedures faster and safer.

Some other major areas medical experts and scientists need to offer solutions to our problems of sensitive teeth, chemical burns, premature loss of the tooth whitening effects, and over bleaching.

Mold bleaching

Mold bleaching is carried out by a dentist when a mold is made for the mouth. Though, it also offers reasonable results a little inconvenient. The patient needs to go back to get their teeth whitened.

A mold is created by the dentist when it is ready. For getting results dentist fills this mold with whitening gel. People with time limitations may not wish to go for this teeth treatment because it takes slightly more time than others.

Teeth whitening strips

Using teeth whitening strips is the third method. In an effective manner, this is carried out by many dentists supervised. Get detailed information about teeth whitening strips here.

The dentist doing a teeth whitening treatment in the clinic for a young beautiful woman.

The Procedure of Teeth Whitening Treatment

Sometimes, teeth whitening procedures have to be done for health reasons. The teeth discoloration might cause some forms of dental deterioration forcing the dentist to remove surface stains on preventive grounds.

Most times, an oxidizing agent like carbamide or hydrogen peroxide could be used for the teeth whitening process. These agents of oxidation can interact with the tooth’s enamel to oxidize the stain deposits in the same manner bleaching agents are used to whiten clothes. When this is done consistently, the bleaching process simply sinks lower into the dentin layer, causing an even greater whitening effect.

Some treatments include the use of teeth whitening laser for boosted results, even some home teeth whiteners contain “blue light” devices that speed up the bleaching process.

When this whole process has been completed, the teeth whitening procedure usually removes all the signs of unattractive discoloration. The result usually is a dazzling white ‘Hollywood smile’.

Professional Procedure

A dentist can perform tooth bleaching treatment in two distinct ways. The first is – the ‘typical bleach’ procedure which involves the application of an oxidizing agent onto the teeth. A layer of bleach is effectively what is applied to the tooth. The dentist then flushes this layer away after a short while.

The results are instant – sparkling white teeth. Most dentists use a 35% mixture of hydrogen peroxide or its equivalent to carrying out this procedure. Though this could be a very fast method, it has its own share of inherent risks. The soft tissues of your teeth can be damaged as a result of chemical burns which is why the dentist must supervise and follow the process very closely.

Do toothpaste work in teeth whitening treatment?

The results you would get from using toothpaste actually depend on how frequently or consistently you brush your teeth. It also depends on the duration – the time it usually takes you to do it. You need to use these toothpastes every day for a long period of time to see results.

Whitening toothpaste is not the best option if you want to see a real difference in the color of your teeth. After about 6 months you may see an improvement in a shade but you will not see dramatic results.

Whitening toothpaste is good for ensuring dental health. Like normal toothpaste, teeth whitening toothpaste also contains fluorides which help to reduce and remove dental plaque.

For sensitive teeth, there are other brands of toothpaste that include potassium nitrate. Potassium nitrate in toothpaste helps to stop tooth sensitivity. To lessen or reduce the occurrence of gingival inflammation, stannous or triclosan fluorides may be added.

Moreover, there is a side effects to using whitening toothpaste. Medical and health experts warn that over-brushing the teeth can lead to enamel loss. This leads to the weakening of the teeth’ enamel to an extent where plaque or bacteria can damage your teeth. Effects of Not Brushing Teeth with Braces.

Toothpaste on brush against blur background for teeth whitening treatment.

Yellow Teeth Problem

Having stained or yellowed teeth can actually destroy the first impression that really matters. Sometimes, it can even turn people off from helping you.

Naturally, kids have more white teeth compared to adults. The mineral structure of our teeth often changes with age. Thus, the color of our teeth can be influenced by our habits.

The color of your teeth always changes whenever you start using tobacco. The color of the teeth can also change because of a build-up of bacteria. When this happens, a teeth whitening treatment can be actually used to reverse the discoloration and restore that dazzling smile.

The Easiest way to get white teeth

Perhaps the easiest way to whiten your teeth is by using teeth whitening strips and mold bleaching. These work by bleaching the surface of the teeth. In home whiteners, tooth bleaching is a very effective way of getting whiter teeth, if you choose the right teeth whitening kit. In fact, it could even boost the whiteness of your teeth by 11 shades.

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