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How to clean your Retainer? Role of Retainer Brite


If you are using a retainer, you should be particular about how you will clean it. Since this retainer will always touch your mouth or gums, you will need to secure its cleanliness. Bacteria can easily invade your mouth if you don’t clean it properly. In this matter, you should know how to clean your retainer and the retainer cleaner that you should use.

Many smiles had never been perfect until breakthroughs in dental procedures were developed. Crooked teeth are now aligned because of the science of orthodontics. Braces are one of them. Then there are removable and permanent retainers to continue the straightening process.

Orthodontic braces are devices that are placed on the teeth for the purpose of aligning teeth to put them in the proper position. The use of braces can be cosmetic or structural. The purpose is not only for alignment but also for correcting the way one bite and other dental flaws.

The other orthodontic procedure is a removable or permanent retainer. The latter is made of wire or plastic (plastic retainer) that is placed on the teeth to keep them in place after undergoing other aligning procedures. The main purpose of a retainer is to maintain the correction done by braces.

Different types of braces

Braces are classified as metal or clear.

Metal braces

Metal braces are silver or gold wires that are attached to the teeth. This is the traditional kind. This may initially cause irritation and pain in eating. The arch wire is held in place to the bracket by elastic bands. This kind is cheaper than the clear braces but visible and not removable. Effects of not brushing teeth with braces?

Clear braces

Clear braces are not visible which make you more comfortable. Like the traditional braces, they can straighten the teeth. These are removable and like the removable retainers, they are better for dental hygiene and eating. As plastic, they are smooth, better to look at but expensive. Do you have Ugly teeth?

Braces and retainers are two modern devices to align crooked teeth. There is a removable and permanent retainer. There is also a clear or removable type of braces and there is the weird permanent kind.

What is a Retainer?

A retainer is a custom-made tool or device that is typically made up of clear plastic and wires. This device holds your teeth to keep their alignment after the surgery you have undergone to align them.

The retainers are different from the braces. Though both of them hold your teeth and make some changes or alignment, they are different things. Retainers are put into your teeth after you use braces.

Cleaning a retainer.

How to Clean your Retainer?

What is the best way to clean my retainer? Ways of cleaning a retainer can be the same as other methods of cleaning. But the only difference is the materials (like the retainer cleaner) used in the cleaning process.

The best way to clean your retainer is the complete elimination of bacteria present in it. Your retainer will surely have germs and bacteria that is why you need to sanitize or disinfect it. If you are thinking that boiling it will be a good idea, well, it is definitely not. For you to sanitize or disinfect it properly, you will need an efficient retainer cleaner such as the Retainer Brite.

The Role of Retainer Cleaner

What is the role of the retainer cleaner in illuminating the bacteria or germs in it? A retainer cleaner is required in achieving success in the retainer cleaning process. Aside from using small bowls, gels, brushes, mouthwash, and other tools in cleaning.

The retainer cleaner will be the key to eliminating 99% of bacteria. That is why you should find the best like the retainer brite. The retainer Brite offers easy and fast cleaning of your retainer. Aside from that this cleaner keeps it from sparkling and it becomes odor-free.

Regular cleansing of the retainer will secure your health. You are always free to do what you want like putting a retainer on your teeth. But in doing it, you should not sacrifice your health. That is why knowing the best way to clean your retainer is definitely vital.

Illuminating the bacteria in your retainer will always be dependent on the retainer cleaner you are using. Choose the right cleaner (like retainer brite) for healthy living.