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Dental Crown Problems – Treatment Options and More


Basically, a tooth crown is a cover-like shape of a tooth that is placed on a tooth when it gets broken or decayed. It is made in such a way that when you place it over the tooth it looks like a natural tooth. Moreover, several people call it a tooth cap. In this article, we will help you to learn about dental Crown problems, treatment options, and much more.

A dentist can place a dental crown due to many reasons. Normally a professional place it on a tooth when any tooth is broken or harmed by tooth decay. It holds the crack part of the tooth together. Also, it is used for holding a dental bridge in its place.

The long-lasting life of a dental crown is normally around 7 years. In many several cases, it is found that they long last up to 35 to 40 years. It also helps to improve the looks of your teeth. A dentist can also place it if your teeth are stained or discolored.

A tooth crown is made in a dental laboratory with the help of stainless steel or plastic. You can use a permanent crown or a temporary crown on your tooth.

Dental Crown Problems

There are several dental crown problems that take place after covering your teeth with a crown. Some common of them are below:

Uncomfortable or sensitivity

Your teeth can get sensitive after you covered them with a dental crown. This usually happens when the process of anesthesia starts terminating. If any tooth is covered, then the tooth also has its nerve inside, that’s why you feel the sensitivity of cold and hot. When someone covered his tooth with the dental crown.

Normally every dentist would suggest he use the toothpaste made for extra sensitive teeth. If you feel pain while biting something then it might be because the crown is fixed high on your tooth. If you are suffering from the feeling of pain while biting then contact your dentist. Your dentist will surely solve this problem.

Chipped dental crown

If you are using a porcelain crown then sometimes it can chip. If the chip placed in your mouth is little then a composite plastic can be utilized for fixing the chip with leftover a dental crown. Moreover, If the chip present in your mouth is wide then the new crown. Your dentist should set them in the replacement of the old one.

A man suffering with dental crown problems.

Dental crown gets loose

There are many cases found in which the dental crown gets loose from the tooth. This is because the cement that holds them with the tooth washes away. Once it gets loses it makes a good environment for bacteria to grow and also causes tooth decay on the remaining part of the tooth. So it will be really better for you to get an appointment if you found that your tooth crown is lost.

Dental crown losses its holding power

Sometimes it happens that your dental crown losses its holding power and falls off. This can happen due to the dental crown is not properly fixed or less cement is being used for fixing the crown. If the crown losses it’s fitting then wash the front area of the tooth and crown with water.

You can also do the temporary fitting of it by yourself if you use dental cement which is easily available in different stores. You should take an appointment with your dentist so he/she will fix it back on your tooth.

If your crown is not in a condition to re-fit then your dentist will fit a new crown over your teeth. Try to follow the instructions and tips that your dentist recommends to you for dental care and crown to avoid any trouble.

Problems of allergy

The crowns are made from a mixture of different metals or porcelain. Using these kinds of things in the making of a tooth crown can cause allergic reactions in some people. But the happening of allergic reactions to using these materials very exceptional.

A dark line appears on the crowned tooth

It is found in many several cases that dark lines appear on the gum of your tooth which is covered with a crown. The appearance of dark lines is considered normal. If your crown is made of porcelain with a mixture of metal the dark that appears on your gums is actually a metal crown.